For Grantseekers

Our Grantmaking Guidelines

Our goal is to help young people achieve their full potential.  We do this by making substantial annual grants to Crivitz Youth, Inc. in Wisconsin, which was the original purpose of our founder; and by supporting 501c3 organizations whose mission is to provide ongoing education, enrichment and/or health benefits to children and youth located in Monterey County. We may also fund significant youth-oriented projects of other Monterey County organizations.

We encourage proposals with specific attributes:

  • We prefer to support preventative (rather than interventional or remedial) efforts, including early-childhood projects.
  • We prefer character-building and educational enhancement programs over basic skills, day care, or homework assistance.
  • We feel that programs in which youth actively participate over time are likely to have a greater positive effect on the child’s ability to reach his or her potential. Therefore, we favor mentorship and one-on-one programs over lectures or large-group activities, and we seek the cumulative impact of ongoing or year-round activities as opposed to single or infrequent events.
  • We also favor proposals which are likely to leverage our dollars, such as projects in collaboration with similar or complementary organizations.

We expect that all proposals will be timely and complete, and will present a request clearly enough for us to make a fair determination of its merit, its feasibility, and its fit with our mission.

We do not fund:

  • Multi-year grants
  • Over half of a program/project budget, or over one-third of an operational budget
  • Governmental programs, including public or charter schools (501c3 organizations can apply on behalf of schools for enrichment programs)
  • Religious activities
  • Endowments
  • Re-granting to other agencies, except in a “friends of” capacity
  • Capital projects or campaigns (buildings, land purchase, renovations, major equipment)
  • Capacity building (consultants, strategic planning)
  • Individuals